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Soft Washing

Greater Stamford, CT Soft Washing Service

Fairfield County Safe Wash is a family owned business that specializes in soft washing, an alternative to power washing. Unlike pressure and power washing, soft washing doesn’t strip away the protective coating on your home. That’s because it uses new technology; a delicate, yet powerful approach to cleaning exterior surfaces. We can remove: mold, algae, mildew, lichens, fungus, graffiti, paint & stains. Fairfield County Safewash proudly serves Greater Stamford including: Stamford, Greenwich, Darien and surrounding towns.

Surfaces, Materials & Areas Treated:

Since 2011, Jim Jagodzinski Sr. and his son Jim Jr. have been providing exceptional service to ensure that their customers homes are left spotless clean. Their harmless approach to utilizing soft washing puts them in the lead as a company who has really taken the environment into consideration. They have extensive experience with both commercial property and residential homeowners, ensuring there is something they can do for you.

Roof Cleaning

Effective Surface Cleaning

We at Fairfield Country Safe Wash know how important it is for you to keep your home, property and facilities in good condition. That’s why we use a low-pressure nozzles, combined with biodegradable chemicals to effectively clean your hard surfaces, getting into the cracks, corners and areas neglected over time. With our soft washing methods, we avoid further damage that can be associated with power washing.

Patio Pressure Washing

No damage to materials

One one the best reasons for going with soft washing is that it doesn’t damage, deteriorate or use harmful chemicals when treating your hard surfaces. It uses gentle, yet powerful equipment and methods to properly restore your home siding, patio, roof, awning and much more.

A Long-Term Mold Solution

Traditional power washing just blasts away the top layer of the mold infestation and does not solve the underlying issue. Our soft washing process eliminates the root system of all molds and provides you with a long-term solution. With its ability to protect your exterior surfaces after the cleaning process, the soft washing process is really a better option than power washing.

Environmentally Friendly

Soft washing has been increasing in popularity as people begin to realize the harmful effects of power washing and pressure washing. This is because those methods use toxic chemicals and methods that tear away protective coatings on your home and patio. This creates a great problem and reduces the longevity of your exterior surfaces. Soft washing is the best alternative, with more efficient yet just as powerful solutions.

Top Reasons for Using Soft Washing:

  • Biodegradable
  • Water Based
  • Low VOC
  • Non-Hazardous
  • Fossil Fuel Free

Why Choose Fairfield County Safe Wash

We at Fairfield County Safewash get to the bottom of the damages done to your home and properties hard surfaces. Our licensed and insured contractors are trained specifically to identify probable causes and areas of damage from mold, mildew, algae and more. We use only the top materials, equipments and chemicals to clean your surfaces, and even offer a 5 year limited warranty on roof cleaning. Fairfield County Safewash proudly serves Greater Stamford including: Stamford, Greenwich, Darien and surrounding towns.

To learn more about our company, areas we treat and processes used, call 203-987-4237, Monday – Saturday between 8am-5pm and visit Fairfield County Safe Wash to Contact Us about a free estimate!