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Siding Cleaning

Greater Stamford, CT Siding Cleaning Service

Did you know that power washing your siding actually accelerates its aging? That’s why at Fairfield County Safe Wash we only use a soft washing system that utilizes a biodegradable cleaning mix that allows us to clean without the need of high pressure. It’s not only safe, but it’s also more effective. Fairfield County Safewash proudly serves Greater Stamford including: Stamford, Greenwich, Darien and surrounding towns.

Types of Siding Cleaned:

  • Vinyl
  • All types of wood siding – including natural, painted, and stained
  • Stucco
  • Dryvit

If you have algae, mold, mildew, lichens, or fungus on your siding, our licensed and insured team can help. Our soft washing not only eliminates surface growth, it also removes the root system of the infestation. Once the job is complete, your home’s exterior will be dramatically transformed. As licensed and insured contractors, you can trust our professionals at Fairfield County Safe Wash to do the job correctly, and get it done effectively. We can also help you with other hard surfaces around your property such as concrete, bricks, walkways and more. Please visit our other service pages if you need help in other areas. 

Siding Power Washing

Right solution for the right material

Everyone’s houses are built a little different, requiring a different treatment for their exterior soft washing needs. At Fairfield County Safe Wash, we know what processes, procedures and methods need to be used to get the best results for your siding.

What we do for your siding:

  • Investigate and identify source areas to be treated
  • Utilize proper soft washing techniques for you siding with nonharmful chemicals & methods
  • Provide you with information to maintain your particular siding

Why Choose Fairfield County Safe Wash

Since 2011, we at Fairfield County Safe Wash have taken proactive measures to ensure our communities homes are being maintained and clean with the safest measures. We wanted people to understand the difference between pressure washing and safe washing, and how safe washing was like a revolutionary solution to cleaning your siding. It’s safe practices and biodegradable techniques make it the best choice for cleaning your siding. Our licensed and insured contractors will be sure to help you get the result you want. Fairfield County Safewash proudly serves Greater Stamford including: Stamford, Greenwich, Darien and surrounding towns.

To learn more about our company, areas we treat and processes used, call 203-987-4237, Monday – Saturday between 8am-5pm and visit Fairfield County Safe Wash to Contact Us about a free estimate! Also, view our Gallery to see some of the beautiful work done by our contractors!

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